Iconic A Chair gives French Toix an unfading popularity since 1934. Being an ingenious head of industrial unit of galvanized household, Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948),founder of the company, registered the Trademark. With many years of success, Chantal Andriot carries the company forward with design new blood Norman Studios and numbers of known Industrial designers to extend the glory of this metal crafting industry. With massive computerized system invest in the production. The company received the ' A Living Heritage Enterprise' award in 2006 and same award renewed in 2012 by Minster of Commerce of France for the company contribution in aesthetic + quality of French Product. 富使命感及歷史恆久傢俱生產商TOLIX.除自1925年 經典'CHAIR A' 投產至今,更於2006年加推與國際設計新血合作之傢品。其高水平結構設計併合極具時尚的色彩組合,誘發停不了的室內外設計意念。

origin: All French made