GUBI Denmark, founded in 1976, emphasis on high-level international design, sophisticated material and functionality adaptable to present and future market. With the perspective on qualified design, GUBI also acquires world-class production right into its portfolio, showing the insistence on deliver high-level upholstery furniture to modern living. GUBI丹麦,成立于1976年,致力于设计优质家具灯饰,以细腻的技术、材料,并以功能性为宗旨,配合当前和未来的市场上的需求。 为贯彻其对融合设计及现代生活的坚持,GUBI获取不少世界著名设计的生产权, 为市场提供一系列品质卓越及设计创新的产品。